5 Replies to “Just One Single Mistake in Yahoo! Answers”

  1. After investigating this issue and reading their blog in Y!A, I just found that there are thousands or may be millions of people have the same issue I got.

    You can go the site here http://suggestions.yahoo.com/?prop=answers to find more problemos and shits pains regarding Yahoo! Answers.

    Unless you have more times to spend and to kill, or have a question to ask, all I can recommend is stay away from Yahoo! Answers.

    No Offense.

    Best Regards,

    Hikmat Surya Permana
    a guy that was once a Level 4 Top Contibutor in Softwares and Other Computer.

  2. It’s out of topic, but I gotta tell you all something fishy in Yahoo Answers.

    Firstable, let me take you to see one of my best answers in the Question here, so you can see me that I’m not lying about my Level 4 Top Contributor in Yahoo Answers, go to this question :
    Do animators and game designers use Macs or PCs?

    And this interesting one.
    This question is reveal one of the many weaknesses of Yahoo Answers.

    What is wrong with this html coding?

    See the question’s Additional Details
    He thanked me for my answer. It’s because my answer is helping his problem 🙂 Yeah because I am good, hahaha.

    You can see that the best answer in not mine. It’s another answer which is voted by a fool out there. Yahoo Answer is just couldn’t solved this biased situation.

    So, anyone catch my drift ???

  3. Yeah, Its really wrong

    I fully disagree

    Cause every single computer user is using torrent

    and its all around on da web

    So i guess if you haven’t suggest anything to dat person who asked you

    He can search for it and get what he need !


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