Now I’m Happy to Announce You that I’ve Just Created

I’m happy now that that I’ve just published a few months ago is just getting its shape. Now, this blog will serve as my personal notes. The rest will be in Cloneroom.


The First Official Cloneroom Wallpaper 1280 × 800
The First Official Cloneroom Wallpaper 1280 × 800

Android Testing

This post is created on my android phone.

New Plan for The Site

Yeah I’m back to business, this site is gonna be transfered into my personal site. I’m gonna post it with some chats or things. A chat from a non-english speaker with his awful influent english.

Hope To See You Soon


Migrating to A New Site

Recent News :

Dear visitors, we are regrefully inform you that we are planning to migrate this Digital Enquirer web blog
to : The Digital Enquirer ‘2’ in for some unintentional reasons.

Please visit the new sites as this WordPress’ Digital Enquirer is being suspended by the author
(Hikmat Surya Permana). We’re really sorry for inconvenience that you might have.

This site is still open though without further postings and updates.



Hope to see you soon in the new site.
Best Regards,

Hikmat Surya Permana

Getting Online. A Newbie Story.

Personal News and Info, Out of Topic,

In a late May 2008, I began a new revolution in my life. I buy an account of internet access so I can be online right from my comfortable house. In the stone ages, I used to go to an internet cafe back and forth just to read emails, browsing to search some information, downloading things, all kind of netting.

But in a sudden, my life and my schedules were changed, sleep late at night, going to the office was just always in a rush, all changed. It’s because the new internet access just right in my desktop.

With a pack of cigarettes and a cup of coffee, I began online activites emailing, browsing, downloading, chatting. Again and again. Had my harddrives full and hanged. Then fixing my desktop, get hanged again.  Until now, it’s my third times my HD hanged since I had an internet.

My english is still bad, my bad! I’m learning it. Yeah, in a few months later I’ ll be a fluent English speaker and writer. It’s promise to myself.  I know I have  a lot of friends there, LOL.

Now I’m looking back to the the past when I had this internet access. So much has changed. I feel like I’m a newbie again. I’m always a newbie after all, Internet and computing are always in the state of art. New inventions are happen every second.

And now after posting some educational technology articles and journals that had been wrote by the experts a few years ago, which is not me, I’m thinking of posting articles about Getting online, a newbie tips, and something like that. Yes, The Digital Enquirer means The Digital Living, and we’ll provide the tips about it.

Best regards,

Hikmat Surya Permana
The Digital Enquirer.

Retrospect : Don’t Look Back in Anger

From Pocket Oxford Dictionary :

retrospect  n. in retrospect when looking back. [from *retro-, *prospect]

retrospection  n. looking back into the past.

retrospective  — adj. 1 looking back on or dealing with the past. 2 (of a statute etc.) applying to the past as well as the future. — n. exhibition, recital, etc. showing an artist’s development over his or her lifetime. retrospectively adv.

It has almost 4 months since I created this webblog. The main reason I created the blog is that I’ve had a tremendous moment when my harddrive got troubled and then I lost my energy-consumed-so-important-data, a lot of huuuge data – ps : I had 850MB, 2,5GB, 20GB, 40GB, and two 80GB harddrives – third times!!!. Trust me, it was so frustating that will make you insane for a couple of days or weeks. I did.

Well I know you may think that I was too lazy to burn them into a cd or dvd, but it was too complicated for me to burn them into a disc without categorizing the will-burned-file first. Believe me, categorizing files that would be burned is a time-consuming activity. You could burn a lot of files into a disc without categorizing it, the hell with category. But when in times you need a (I mean A) file, and there’s about 800 cd’s – and some of them are dvd’s – well, be my guest, you search it on your own, nobody could barely help you. 

These reasons that are make me store a lot of data on the harddrives, waiting to be burn until that type of file is reach a disc quota, approximately 650MB for CD or 4Gb of video files for dvd.

But when the disaster came, BANG! I lost my partition for no reason, or accidentally deleted/overwrite the files. It really makes my day! dooh, and I’d gone in mad, very mad. 

So, here we come to the days of WEB generation 2.0, and webblogs that are almost there on every corner of the net. I guess that it would be my online storages for my public files. So this is it, The Digital Enquirer emerge to fulfill such a need. 

For all of you that is facing the same trouble that I encounter, well you’re not alone, I’m here to help. You know that every cloud has a silver lining, now I know how to maintain my harddrives and cd’s or dvd’s. I still have my old-timer 850MB harddrive works, yes it’s still working, It’s a Quantum Trailblazer!. It’s sad that the producer of the drive is out of business. Now I rely on Seagate, since I rarely face any trouble with the drives. I don’t recommend to use Maxtor. My other 20GB Maxtor is out of business.

Now I know and you know that where there’s a will there’s a way.