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In order to make this blog easier to access, I write here a link center to all posts in The Digital Enquirer :

Theory into practice: The design of an online technology skills course for nontraditional nursing students

Technology and Civic Empowerment: Toward Inclusion and Participatory Citizenship in the Elementary Social Studies Classroom 

Changing Instructional Practice: The Impact of Technology Integration on Students, Parents, and School Personnel

Training Teachers to Evaluate Educational Tutorial Software: A Model of Intra-School Professional Development

Construction of Teaching Metaphors Through the Use of Technology

Constructing on Constructivism: The Role of Technology

What does the Literature Say about the Effectiveness of Learner Control in Computer-Assisted Instruction?

How Students Learn New Technologies

A View of the Research on the Efficacy of CAI

Visual Literacy in Teaching and Learning: A Literature Perspective

Public School and University Partnerships : Problems and Possibilities

DeMotivator’s Pictures

Stop Some Windows XP Services

I’m Burn in The Fury of My Flames

Sertifikasi Guru

The Secret Of Winning People

AkeeStyle Framework Standar 2.1

Retrospect : Don’t Look Back in Anger

OOT : Harddrive Overload

A Call to Spread Firefox Download Day 2008

Video Resolution

BBM Naik Lagi

Pembayaran Pajak Kendaraan Roda Dua

Suasana Baru

Kami Menikah

Apalah Arti Sebuah Nama…

What is AkeeStudio 2

The Digital Enquirer

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LORD OF THE LINKS The Fellowship of The Links
Here are my personal sites.

  1. KomuniKids : Media Komunikasi Online Stakeholder SDN. Andir Kidul 1. A blogsite for Andir Kidul 1 State Elementary School stake holders. Everyone welcome.
  2. Hikmat Surya Permana Pages : Another homepage for the webmaster. [Right now it’s just a testing site]. I plan to use the page to store my public domain files.
  3. Hikmat Surya Permana Personal Album : My online album on Google’s Picasa. Just a personal online album.
  4. AnotherHSPalbum : a tiny 20MB personal album. Well I barely even see this site since it loads too long to wait for. But if you really… really are a courious guys out there, be my guest.

Here’s are another good site I often used to hang out.

  1. Harun Yahya : Official site of Harun Yahya works. He’s a well-known author of best-seller books. The site provide so many ebooks [hundreds of them] to download for free, beside the option to read them online. A several languages to choose.
  2. etc.


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