OOT : Harddrive Overload

It’s a just an unimportant journal note for you to read. You may skip it away…really!.

Shit!  I’ve been offline for about 10 days. My 80GB harddrive is quickly full since I had an internet access in the neighbourhood. Good God! Well, I arranged a thing or two on this new partition. Establish a new routine netting-procedure to be online again. As clean as possible. Hikmat Surya Permana says ‘Hello World!’… again.

Good news I successfully recover my lost partition full of big datas on my Seagate 40GB  & Maxtor 80GB . Fortunately, there’s almost no data losses. Thanks to Acronis and my friend Adi Bu Emi.

PS :
I dont recommend you to use Maxtor. I have often get trouble with it… Now I use my Maxtor as Game Partition though…