Optical Illusion : A Journey to Find The Miracles in Our Eyes

Optical Visual Illusion : A Journey to Find The Miracles in Our Eyes

We are now using the term ‘Visual’ over the Optical, as the most illusions or effects have their basis in the visual pathway, not in the optics of the eye.

I was just recently finished downloading some desktop wallpapers when I stumbled upon some optical illusion images. The images were unique that made me  go to search the websites to find more of this kind of images. The keyword was : “Optical Illusion”. Or may be delusion if I may add [LOL].

For example, take a look at the still image below.

Rotating Snake Illusion
Rotating Snake Illusion

If you’re assuming that the above image is an animated GIF  file, you’re wrong,  it’s not, it’s a still-image GIF file. The strong (and beautiful) rotation of the “wheels” occurs in relation to eye movements. On steady fixation the effect vanishes.

And then some questions come to mind, “How could it be?” This still image is ‘moving’. This is amazing. This is the optical or visual illusion that some people talk about. Later, the ‘visual’ word is more appropriate than the ‘optical’ word because the illusion has nothing to do with the optics of the eye.

But, don’t distress yourself if you don’t see the effect described, even if trying carefully. For many illusions, there is a small percentage of people with perfectly normal vision who just don’t see it, for reasons currently unknown.

The journey moves on.

I believe the human being is the most perfect creature in the universe. There’s no UFO or alien or extra terestrials from outer space that can match our perfection. I love Star Trek series though and the Transformer movies, they are my favorites. But that doesn’t mean I agree that there are creatures from outer space. No, I dont think so, Sir. Also I believe there are genies and angels, although there are no physical evidences. I just know, and there’s no way of changing these faith otherwise. But someday, along the journey of my life, I may explain everything, scientifically.

This post,  is only a beginning of something of the phenomena that is now taken more seriously by scientists, scientifically. My part is taking it more philosophically.

Selected Reading :
»  http://www.michaelbach.de/ot/

Below are just another examples of many of the visual illusions :

How many dots can you count?
How many dots can you count?
Beans creates a curtain illusion
Beans creates a curtain illusion